Why You Shouldn’t Exercise To Lose Weight

Now, I know how this sounds. "What?! Don't I need to exercise to lose weight? Is she crazy?!". Well, probably, but not for reasons explained in this post. To lose weight efficiently, yes, exercise should be a part of that equation; however, if losing weight is your...

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Loaded Avocado Toast Recipes (4-Ways)

Sometimes I find it funny how trendy avocados have become. I mean, when I initially started hearing about the hype of these weird looking fruits, I just didn't get it. But, after some time (and experimentation in the kitchen), I have jumped on the avocado bandwagon....

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DIY Rose Water Face Toner

Working in jobs that involve the outdoors, and also being a runner, I sometimes struggle to find the perfect skin care routine. While I want something heavy-duty to ensure my face is clear of dirt & sweat, I also have relatively sensitive skin to harsh chemicals. But,...

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