The Top Five Reasons Why I Love Compression Socks (And You Will Too!)

When I first started running, I knew ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING about recovery. To be honest, I didn’t even know how necessary it actually was. When I initially started running, it was for the wrong reasons. Wanting to start a running habit exclusively for unnecessary weight loss caused me to overexert my body and skip rest days. Just so I could burn more calories. It wasn’t long till I developed shin splints, which severly limited my running progression. 

At this point, I was forced into recovering properly, if I ever wanted to get in my running groove again. I started increasing my mileage super slowly over time, and then taking longer rest periods to maxmize my recovery time. To help aid my recovery, my mother (who is also a runner) read about the benefits of compression sleeves/socks. Needless to say, I was skeptical. But, my Mom bought me my first Neon Pink Tie Dye Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves anyways, to see if they would help.

Since then, I rarely run without them! 

This brings me to…



From reading the above, it’s obvious that recovery is the greatest benefit I’ve gotten personally from wearing compression gear regularly. 

The idea behind the compression is that it increases blood flow to targeted areas of the body to promote faster recovery times. If you’ve looked up anything compression related, you’ll notice that this is actually a topic of debate in the fitness community. Some claim the compression is pointless, while others say it’s CRUCIAL to their recovery. Call it science, or call it a placebo effect, you will never know till you give it a try for yourself! 

Coming from a true skeptic’s point of view, I can honestly say that compression gear has greatly reduced my recovery times, and I’ve since been injury free. 

But, I’ll let you be the judge 🙂 


Okay, so this is a solid reason, whether any runner wants to admit it or not. Compression socks/sleeves are my FAVORITE statement article of runners clothing.


Most companies (especially Zensah), make compression gear in a variety of colors and patterns that make wearing them SUPER fun. It’s hard not to love an article of clothing that is so customizable! 


Once again, this is a topic that many consider debatable; however, I truly believe that I run BETTER with my compression gear on. The way I’ve heard many runners describe it, including myself, is that compression gear just kind of “holds everything in place”. It keeps parts of the body feeling much more streamlined and further prevents chafing in certain areas. There’s definitley no arguing that it feels MUCH more comfortable running with them, than without.

Anything that can further provide comfort/stability while putting my body through 26.2 miles is good by me 🙂 


One thing I actually didn’t consider until recently, is how much just having that extra layer of fabric helps! It provides an extra layer of protection, which is amazing for those trail runs when you might get scraped up a bit. Also, it’s another sweat-wicking article of clothing, which you can NEVER have enough of. I think the most unlikely benefit, is how I actually use it as an extra layer for warmth! In the winter, I’ll often wear them over my leggings mainly for the performance benefits; however, having another layer on in the freezing cold never hurts! 


I started to notice this benefit after beginning to run longer distances. Whenever I did my longer runs, obviously some swelling was involved. I noticed that when I started wearing my compression sleeves on those long runs, the post-run swelling was GREATLY reduced! This, again, is thought to be due to the increased ciruclation that the compression gear promotes in targeted areas of the body. 


 If you ever ask me about anything compression related, I will always mention Zensah. It’s no secret that they’ve been with me on my recovery journey since the beginning, and I SWEAR by them! Not only is their gear top-notch, but the company in itself is solid. Seriously, go check them out STAT!

Plus, who can resist compression sleeves with AVOCADOS on them?!

I mean…COME ON. 

[If avos aren’t your thing they often have a number of whimsical socks with other foods on them

Overall, what I would recommend is for you to try out some compression gear FOR YOURSELF. There are a number of benefits (some which aren’t even listed here), that I’ve heard from fellow runners.

You never know until you give it a chance 🙂 

You can purchase some top-notch compression sleeves HERE!

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If there’s anything in this post that resonated with you, or anything you’d like me to touch on further, don’t hesitate to let me know! 🙂

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