15 Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

15 Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

How many times a day do you catch yourself thinking, “This can wait.”?

If you’re anything like me, it’s A LOT. 

Like, way too much. 

It’s a strange thing. So much of the time we become so used to being in “avoidance mode”, that we eventually don’t even realize we’re doing it!

I will routinely catch myself putting off mundane tasks for NO reason!

Even if that task is super easy to complete and would make my life better.

But WHY?!

It makes me want to shake myself!

It’s at those points that I know my body has officially programmed itself into a procrastination slump. 😔

The one good thing about this, is it means we can kinda go easy on ourselves.

Many of us don’t even know we’re doing it!

The bad thing about this is it means that procrastination has likely become a HABIT at this point.

Which can be VERY hard to break.

Luckily, I’ve developed a list of incredibly useful tips for breaking a procrastination habit for good. 👍🏼

15 Tips For Overcoming a Procrastination Habit

1) Remove Unnecessary Steps

Let me just give an example right off the bat…

Although I’m a relatively clean, Type-A individual, I’m notorious for leaving my clothes in places they shouldn’t be around the house.

Mainly, I have a habit of leaving my laundry on this single white chair in my bedroom.

I’ll have every intention of hanging up my clothes AFTER I put them there.

Problem is, I often would forget about them — leaving clothes there for days (sometimes weeks!) — I know, it’s bad. 🙄

When I really evaluated the situation, I realized I was absent-mindedly setting the situation up for failure.

I was adding unnecessary steps to the routine!

It made no sense to lay the clothes on the chair BEFORE hanging them up. I realized it was simply another step I added due to the “avoidance mode” I was in.

Once I started hanging up clothes right away (and going NO WHERE near that chair), problem solved!

Point is, what extra steps are you adding each day that make meaningless tasks seem long-winded and difficult?

2) Master Time-Management

In order to fully destroy a procrastination habit, you’ll need to become an absolute master of time-management.

No question.

If you can learn to manage your time properly, you can literally manage ANYTHING life throws at you.

I highly suggest getting yourself quality planner and taking 30 minutes to 1 hour a week scheduling your time.

And be sure to schedule EVERYTHING — even your non-productive time!

(P.S. My favorite planner is the Passion Planner — you can find it HERE.)

3) Find Your Distractors

We all have very different distractors that cause us to lose focus.

They key is being 100% honest with yourself as to what they are.

Don’t trick yourself into thinking you can get through your crazy to-do list with Stranger Things on in the background.


Start out with complete silence and zero distractions.

Then add in other factors if you’d like over time (music, etc.) if you’d like to experiment with how it affects your productivity.

But be cautious and honest with yourself.

4) Establish Trust

The act of following through with plans you set for yourself is deeply satisfying.

There’s a reason for that.

It’s because you’re establishing TRUST with yourself. 

Every time, despite all of the procrastination odds, you follow through with a set plan, you’re boosting your confidence levels!

In doing this, you surprise yourself and set new expectations for your success!

It’s a really beautiful thing. 😊

5) Stop Negative Self-Talk

Look, I know this one’s really difficult.

After succumbing to procrastination many times, it can be hard to believe you’ll ever change.

But, don’t be fooled!

We’re all COMPLETELY capable of change. 

This negative energy is all in our heads from not following through with past intentions we set for ourselves.

The more you accomplish your goals, the more this will naturally go away.

For now, focus on practicing motivating affirmations to get your head in the right mindset!

6) Group Tasks

Learn to group your to-do list tasks based on level of importance!

Don’t shove everything onto a massive list and expect everything to get done.

It never, EVER works out that way.

Section off the tasks you absolutely HAVE to do from the one’s that can actually wait and be given less priority.

7) Be a Problem Solver

You’re going to hit roadblocks when it comes to getting $#!@ done and getting through your procrastination hurdles.

I encourage you to not give up and flip tables when this does happen.

Instead, be a PROBLEM SOLVER!

It’s like when you’re getting driving directions from your handy iPhone app. 

If there’s an unexpected traffic jam, that annoying robotic voice will tell you, “Recalculating!”.

That’s EXACTLY what you have to do.

If you keep recalculating, you WILL reach your end destination eventually — just maybe not in the way you originally intended.

8) Time Block

Start sectioning out blocks of time for certain tasks and set a timer.

You’ll feel more motivated to use your time productively and to not get sidetracked.

It’s AMAZING how much more hustle I have when I know I have limited time to get things done!

It’s the age-old foundation of procrastination — we don’t feel like doing it ’till it HAS to get done!

9) Accountability

Having a friend join you in your almighty quest towards defeating procrastination can be incredibly helpful.

It’s not for everyone, but if you can find someone who has similar goals as you, take advantage of this and hold each other accountable!

Not only does it massively help you succeed, but it gives you the comfort of not going through the experience alone.

10) Create Controllable Goals

Be sure when you’re creating your to-do lists + goals that the tasks are 100% controllable.

Let me explain what I mean by this.

If you’re working your @$$ off for a lofty promotion at work, don’t set your #1 goal as “GET A PROMOTION”.

This is not under your control, therefore, there are no clear, actionable steps you can take to ENSURE it will happen.

Instead, make sure your goals are controllablesuch as completing extra tasks at work, taking your coworkers out to lunch to boost morale, etc.!

11) Become Fascinated With Yourself

Now, by this I don’t mean wake up every morning and wink at yourself in the mirror. 

I mean, I want you to view your progress with the same fascination that you would a super-interesting science experiment.

And if science experiments don’t fascinate you, just pretend for a second, okay?

SO MUCH of success is experimentation.

You will figure out what works + what doesn’t over time.

You won’t magically have the secret formula right from the get-go.

Instead of this being a discouraging factor, see this as a fun challenge!

Become invested in the process of “cracking the code” that is your productivity.

12) Switch Up Your Surroundings

I find that if I sit in one spot too long, not only do I become WAY less productive, but I also start to go a little crazy!

Find a handful of go-to spots where you feel most productive and switch between them.

For instance, my most productive surroundings are my desk at home, the local coffee shop, and finding a relaxing spot to work at the beach.

13) Set Yourself Up For Success

When you first get started you’re going to want to establish some trust with yourself that you’re capable of completing larger tasks.

It’s like if your sloth-like friend who binge watches Netflix all day says to you, “I’m going to go hike Mount Everest!“.

You’d be like, “Yeah okay, sure“. 🙄

The way you view yourself is no different. 

So, start out with super small tasks that you can’t possibly fail at.

It gives you a healthy mindset from the start that you’re going to crush this whole procrastination thing!

14) Accept Your Imperfections

You need to take a deep breath and come to terms with the fact that you will NEVER be perfect.

It’s just never gonna happen for any of us, guys. 

Once you have this settled in your mind, plan for what you’ll do when things DON’T go according to plan.

Plan for your failures.

Personally, after establishing this with myself, I honestly felt a huge weight off my shoulders!

When you get rid of the whole concept of perfection, it makes completing smaller tasks seem much easier.

15) Educate Yo Self

While having some helpful tips in your arsenal is going to work wonders, this only takes you so far without educating yourself first. 🧐

Procrastination is a widely studied phenomenon of the human experience, and I personally find it fascinating!

If we can understand WHY we do it, we can understand the best strategies to tackle it.

These are my all time favorite books that I recommend you check out:

It is my hope that these simple tips will help you overcome the heavy burden that is dealing with a procrastination habit!

I know all too well about being caught in a never-ending downward spiral of procrastination.

It can make you feel trapped, anxiety-ridden, and ultimately downright AWFUL about yourself.

But there’s a WAY for you to beat it!

With the right mindset, a proper plan, and the helpful tips listed above — you WILL be successful!


Kat Rentas

Founder, Living In Slack Tide




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Want to get more accomplished in the mornings than others do all day?

You'll learn the strategies needed to add valuable, productive hours to your days!

You'll also join my email family where you'll receive free tips + lessons + resources + weekly content updates!

I sincerely only want to provide content that's relevant to you. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit
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