20 Awesome Productivity Tips — That Actually Work!

20 Awesome Productivity Tips — That Actually Work!

You can have your life seemingly all-together, but without basic productivity essentials in place, things can go in shambles REAL QUICK!

I’d prefer this didn’t happen, and I’m sure you feel the same.

By implementing a number of simple hacks into our daily lives, we can ensure a well-built, structured lifestyle.

‘Cause when things go wrong, it feels really good to know you have your $#!@ together. 😉

20 Simple Productivity Hacks to Implement Today

1) Get a Planner

This is the ultimate resource to ensure you’re using the limited hours of the day wisely.

It’s not about the number of hours in the day, it’s about how we USE those hours.

We could have all the time in the world, but it means nothing if we aren’t optimizing our time.

A planner fixes that.

Even if you’re not the Type A planning type, you will definitely benefit from one.

So invest in a planner ASAP if you truly want to establish a stable, productive routine.

Not only are they essential, but they come in a HUGE amount of different varieties that you can customize to your specific needs!

I recommend buying an undated planner if you’re starting one mid-year.

The one I currently use is a Passion Planner, as it strongly focuses on goal-setting + planning ahead.

You can find one HERE.

I can’t recommend it enough!

2) Create a Productive Workspace

This will look different for everyone.

For many, it will be a desk at home.

For me, it’s a coffee shop in Downtown Amelia Island — which is where I’m currently writing from!

Whatever that productive space is for you, use it. Make this space your productivity sanctuary. 

If you don’t know what space works for you yet, experiment!

P.S. I recently found this website called Coffitivity where you can play coffee shop sounds to help boost your productivity! I also regularly listen to Rainy Mood!

3) Wake Up at the Same Time

Getting proper sleep is essential to your productivity.

To be honest, if you skipped everything else on this list, but still did this one you’d reap serious benefits.

The amount of sleep necessary is different for each person.

While we’re encouraged to get 8-hours of sleep a day, it might actually be higher or lower than that number for you!

I actually found 8-hours is a bit too long for me, so I shoot for 7.5-hours.

It sounds extreme, but the idea is to wake at the end of a sleep-cycle, not the middle of one.

Experiment with this process, and find what works best for you.

You’ll know you hit the sleep-cycle jackpot when you begin to wake naturally, without an alarm. 

(The Sleep-Cycle App has worked wonders for me and I highly recommend!)

4) Have To-Do List Resources

There are so many apps, programs and resources we have nowadays to make our own, customized to-do lists.

Like everything else, this all depends on how you function best as a person.

For me, I prefer the old-fashioned method of WRITING DOWN notes + lists.

The act of physically writing something down on paper enables me to remember it more effectively.

However, if you prefer apps or programs, these are the one’s I recommend:

No matter the method you use, make it a habit of creating a To-Do list daily to organize your thoughts!

5) Plan Your Down Time

I promise you, if you actively make it a point to schedule your “relaxation” time — it will feel TEN TIMES more relaxing. 

There’s something so invigorating about engaging in pre-planned down time, rather than slumping on the couch for an hour cause you feel drained.


If you schedule out periods of time for you to do things you enjoy (and nothing else) you will be more productive during the hours you actually NEED to work.

Sidenote: I literally write in my planner,”Me Time”, which currently consists of me watching Westworld on HBO.

Really embrace this!

6) Work When You’re Most Efficient

Whether it’s super early in the morning or really late at night, PLAN AROUND THIS TIME.

Consider these your golden hours where you’ll get the most done in the least amount of time. 

Reserve your most mentally draining tasks for this time period, since you’ll be more “in the zone” and likely to get it done.

As much as I hate getting up early sometimes, I found that it’s when I’m most productive.

So I MADE myself a morning person.

It can be done, guys. 

7) Take Care Of Yourself

How well you take care of yourself has a huge impact on how productive you’ll be. 

Chances are if you take on your day looking disheveled and umkempt, that’s likely how you will feel towards the day in general.

If you take an extra 20 minutes in the morning before you tackle the world to look your best, you’ll FEEL your best.

So take a hot shower, do your hair, make a healthy breakfast, etc.

Whatever your version of taking care of yourself is…DO IT! 

Some would argue this is nonsense, but try it for a week and report back. 🙂 

8) Sort Your To-Do List Wisely

This is something so simple that has such a profound effect. 

What’s funny is I was doing my to-do lists wrong for years!

I would just accumulate a long list of tasks that I had to get done, expecting that I’d actually finish everything…

Let me tell you, there were A LOT of failed to-do lists in my time. 

However, I was able to completely change this when I started sorting my to-do lists based on grouping the tasks by PRIORITY.

You can begin with a simpler method by sectioning your to-do lists into 3 main categories: High Priority + Medium Priority + Low Priority (simple, right?).

If you operate a larger business or are interested in a more in-depth model I highly recommend checking out the “Eisenhower Matrix” — you can read about that HERE!

9) Create Time Where You Can

I guarantee no matter how productive you are, there are likely pockets of time throughout your day that are being wasted.

There IS such a thing as being TOO productive — in the wrong areas.

To prevent this wasting of time requires strong focus and a more minimalistic approach.

Less is more.

Don’t spend an hour doing a PERFECT job on a mundane task, when you could spend 15-minutes doing a GOOD job.

Evaluate which tasks need the most attention and dedicate your time towards those.

Then evaluate how you can minimize time on the less meaningful tasks that require less attention.

10) Keep Your Workspace Organized + Clean

If your workspace is messy, your thoughts will be messy.

It sounds silly and superstitious, but how organized your workspace is happens to be directly related to how organized you feel mentally.

Nothing makes me feel more ready to tackle a day than a clean work area.

Before you do ANYTHING else, do this!

(If this idea still overwhelms you get yourself out of the house to a local coffee shop or library and utilize that clean space!)

11) Prevent That 2 pm Slump

We’ve all been there…

You feel pumped and ready to tackle the day until noon.

Then slowly, you start to feel sluggish and drained.

Cue the 2 PM slump.

While I could tell you to pump yourself full of coffee or energy drinks to prevent this, that’s unhealthy and gross.

The only fool-proof way I found to prevent this is through healthy eating, exercise, enough sleep (obviously), and limiting your caffeine intake.

In order to have the energy you need to be your most productive self, you need to take care of your body first and foremost. 

12) Set a Timer

It’s amazing how much more we get done when we know we have limited time to do it!

This is the foundation of procrastination in general.

Oftentimes, we don’t start working on a project or task until we know we HAVE to get it done.

When we set a timer, it’s giving us the sensation that we must get the task done in the alloted amount of time.

I typically set my timer for an HOUR in order to complete a chunk of my to-do list each day.

That sense of urgency works wonders!

13) &#@$ Multitasking

There is no pride in multitasking and I find it to be extremely unproductive.

Sometimes, circumstances give us no other choice.

However, when we have the time to control and organize our tasks, separate them individually.

Give each task the attention it deserves.

It’s when you overwhelm yourself with a scattered compilation of tasks that NONE of them get accomplished.

14) Write Everything Down

Learning to optimize productivity is a process!

So throughout your journey, write every part of it down.

Document what works, what doesn’t, and how you operate best.

Each person’s productivity routine will be a bit different, so it’s important for you to keep track of your habits.

This also makes it super interesting!

You’ll be able to see how much you’ve grown over time.

15) Find Your Optimal Playlist

This depends on the individual.

Some prefer complete silence,  whereas I personally love the sounds of a coffee shop.

However, sometimes a playlist catered to productivity is necessary when you are busting out some SERIOUS work!

Here are the ones I recommend if this is your thing:

16) Bye-Bye, Internet

While the internet is crucial for almost any form of work in the modern age, there are instances where it benefits us to get away from it.

When I’m able to bring myself away from the computer for an hour, I’m able to focus a million times better on the tasks at hand.

I’ve gone so far as to print articles I need for work, to keep myself from using the internet during that time.

My favorite resource for this is Freedom.

It’s incredibly customizable, allows you to block websites from your computer, and even block apps from your phone.

It’s amazing.

17) Reserve an HOUR

Set aside an hour everyday exclusively for getting things tackled on your to-do list!

For me personally, waking up an hour earlier every morning was life-changing.

I no longer had to rely on getting things done after a long work day, which SO many of us think we’re capable of doing!

Realistically examine what time your brain functions best.

Figure out when you’re most productive, and schedule an hour during this time.

18) Don’t Make It Hard

When you have everything planned to perfection, productivity should feel EASY.

It won’t at first while you’re still figuring out how you operate best.

You’ve got to work out your kinks before you become the super productive badass that you are!

However, once you’ve mastered your productive habits, the times when you conquer your to-do list can be the most relaxing time of the day!

Play a little music, light a candle, dance around your living room, etc. 

Do whatever you need to do to make it a fun, stress-free environment!

19) Place Motivation Where Necessary

Really examine which times throughout the day you experience doubt or resistance to follow your set plan.

I’ve found placing little motivators in key spots helps immensely!

Post-it notes, phone reminders, writing on your mirror, etc.

Use any source of motivation you need when it gets hard.

20) Expect The Unexpected!

All in all, make sure everything in your day is pre-planned, so when something unexpected occurs you have a solid foundation to re-build from.

Things don’t have to go perfectly in order for you to get everything accomplished.

If your plans deviate due to an unexpected occurrence, THAT’S OKAY!

I truly understand having that perfectionist complex — where if one task unravels, the rest seemingly do as well. 

Don’t see it this way.

Plan everything, and if one task doesn’t get accomplished as planned, RESET!

Keep on keeping on. 

I hope you all will find these tips + tricks helpful in establishing your own productive routine!

Forming your perfect, productive lifestyle is definitley a process, so don’t get discouraged if you hit some roadblocks along the way.

I’ll have weeks where I feel like a productivity boss, and others where I’m running around like a crazy woman feeling like I got nothing accomplished.

Such is life.

It’s all part of the growing process. 🙂


Kat Rentas

Founder, Living In Slack Tide




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Want to get more accomplished in the mornings than others do all day?

You'll learn the strategies needed to add valuable, productive hours to your days!

You'll also join my email family where you'll receive free tips + lessons + resources + weekly content updates!

I sincerely only want to provide content that's relevant to you. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit
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