Hey there!

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet.

My name’s Kat and I’m here to help you on your journey towards health and fitness nirvana.

I‘ve dabbled in blogging before, but the uncertainty of my early-twenties didn’t feel like the right time to establish myself blog-wise.

The truth is, I thought I had to be perfect in order to start publicly posting my thoughts, lessons, and habits on my fitness + wellness journey.

As life went on, and now being in my late-twenties, I’ve been struck with the humbling realization that my progression with my health and fitness goals will never be perfect.

I mean, I’m human!

Hell, there are routinely times when my life doesn’t feel “blog-worthy” at all.

But I had a light-bulb moment when I realized, this doesn’t have to be my weakness, this can be my strength. Maybe reading about fitfluencers who have it seemingly all together, all-the-time isn’t what we always need.

Perhaps, the secret to true happiness has nothing to do with reaching some insurmountable peak of healthy-living, but to find the genuine balance between our amazing potential and our occasional setbacks.

This battle of expectations for myself is how I reached the name of my blog.

Being a lover of all things ocean, I’ve spent my fair share of time on the water, both professionally and recreationally.

“Slack tide” or “Slack current” is something encountered daily on the water, where the tide is neither coming in or going out, but is balanced and still for a brief period of time.

This is the time of day when open-water navigation becomes easier, and conditions are more favorable.

Essentially, the two opposing currents form a sense of equilibrium where a type of balance is achieved. Yes, it’s a metaphorical stretch, but it works.

I include myself in the wide demographic of women (and men) in their mid-to-late twenties who sometimes struggle to find that balance between acquiring that healthy lifestyle that we swear we’ll have by the time we’re 30, and living in the present moment and indulging in some of the same things that we did too much of when we were in college. Simplified, this means we want to have our cake and eat it too.

But is that really possible?

I want to routinely hit new running PR’s and cut body fat, but I also want to have nights at home where I indulge in a massive serving of cheese and wine.

I want to feel fully rested every night, but not miss out of fun nights at the bar with friends. 

I want to feel the same satisfaction from an Instagram-worthy veggie bowl as I get from a cheeseburger and fries. 

So how do we, as this crossroads of young adulthood, create a balance and make this transition?

How do we still have our indulgences, but continue to grow towards what we consider the picture of health and happiness?

Since this is something that has plagued me for some time, I’ve decided to write a blog on my changing habits.

Insofar during my young adulthood I’ve come across blogs for inspiration.

To see how others have made it work.

While my journey towards health and fitness adulthood nirvana may not be a perfect upwards slope, I’m inviting readers to join me as I post about my goings-on in my daily life concerning running, food, fitness, mindfulness, and happiness!

Living In Slack Tide




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