Açaí Bowls: The Low-Down on This Insta-Worthy Breakfast Dish

Açaí Bowls: The Low-Down on This Insta-Worthy Breakfast Dish

When you think of the word açaí, chances are…

(1) you’re saying it wrong, or

(2) your mind immediately pictures young-pretentious hipster millennials grabbing a bite at the local vegan juice bar after their ritualistic hot-yoga class.

Well, I’m here to ashamedly raise my hand and admit that I’m (somewhat) one of those millennials; however, what I’m NOT about to do is convince you that açaí is the solution to all of your health + weight-loss problems. 

So what exactly is açaí?

The açaí (ah-SAH-ee) berry is a small, aesthetically-pleasing, purple berry that originated and is cultivated in the South-American Amazon. It has been popularized in modern culture due to its supposed health properties in the forms of smoothies, bowls, and beverage products.  

Here’s what I can realistically tell you açaí does offer…

– A good amount of antioxidants

– A source of high fiber

– Decent Vitamin A levels 

Fair amount of calcium

– A beautiful, creamy base for smoothies, bowls, etc.

– Delicious flavor!

Here’s what açaí in NO way guarantees…

– Weight loss (sorry guys this has to be done the old-fashioned way)

– Clearer skin + reduction of wrinkles

– Anti-aging properties

– Reversal of diabetes 

– An excessive energy boost

– Longer life 

(P.S. These are all real claims that companies have made to further sell açaí products…)

The Low-Down…

The main takeaway from this information, is that the açaí berry is simply, a fruit.

It is unfortunately not some almighty health elixir that will solve all of your problems. 

According to studies, blueberries have the same nutritional and health value that açaí has…only better. The only difference is you’re not required to pay an exceptional amount of money for them. 

To alleviate you from this açaí buzz kill, I would like to reiterate that I’m a HUGE fan of açaí and will continue to be! 

That being said, I believe that all things health + wellness related should be unfiltered.

Every person with the intentions of making themselves better health-wise should have access to the truth ALWAYS.

Unfortunately for us, the health industry is the top market in the world for scams and false information. 

To prove I’m not a total açaí hater, I want to share high-nutrient açaí bowl additions that make for a super healthy power breakfast!

While açaí in itself is not the “superfood” the weight-loss industry would have you to believe, it can provide a perfect smoothie/bowl foundation to make a well-balanced power-MEAL. 

Key Additions That Can Make an Açaí Bowl Worth It Health-Wise…

I like to blend select fruits, veggies and liquids with the açaí to make the actual smoothie. Then I add any extra toppings to make it a power-meal! 

Now that I’ve hopefully given you back some hope açaí-wise, I’m going to just be totally honest.

A huge part of me wanted to write this article with the intentions of sharing all of the oh-so-amazing reasons why açaí is AMAZING for you. I tend to gravitate towards subjects that let me tell you the solution, rather than the problem; however, I think it’s just as important to shed some truth & light about the food that’s being marketed to us.

There’s a fine line between a food item being advertised as “healthy” and a food item being marketed as a “weight-loss elixir”.

I’m here to tell you that the latter just doesn’t exist.

There is no “miracle-fruit” that will rush us to the finish line.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate simple, different foods like açaí for what it does have to offer! Cause not only is the berry (still) one of the most beautiful, insta-worthy fruits out there, but it’s totally delicious! 

It’s time we just love açaí for what it truly is…for just being it’s normal, average-fruit self! 🙂 

For those still interested in giving açaí a try, here’s a list of popular products that are used for smoothies + bowls!

Navitas Organics Acai Powder

Terrasoul Superfoods Acai Berry Powder

Sari Foods Pure Organic Acai Powder

Amafruits Acai Berry Puree


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