Flavored Water: Healthy Fruit Infused Recipes For Detox + Weight Loss

Flavored Water: Healthy Fruit Infused Recipes For Detox + Weight Loss

I’m going to start by being honest with the fact that I’m AWFUL at hydrating properly.

Which, being a runner, makes some runs really, REALLY suck.

There’s nothing worse than feeling great starting a run only to be hit by a dehydration death-wave by the end of Mile 1.

I could be optimally trained for a half-marathon, but if I don’t hydrate before, I’ve set myself up for failure.

There’s no excuse for it, it’s just a habit I haven’t fully grasped.

Until recently…

I’ve seen recommendations to try flavored water as an alternative to plain water, in order to get a hydration habit established.

To be honest, at first the idea kind of turned me off.

Artificial sweeteners and little powder packets? I’LL PASS.

At that point my pride got the best of me, and I thought, “I should be able to drink plain water like a normal healthy person!”.

This method of thinking wasn’t working well to say the least.

When looking for other options, I stumbled across the new Infusion Pro Sports Series Water Infuser, and I knew this is what I had to try!

I obviously was aware  about naturally flavored water; however, working outside all day didn’t seem like a viable option for having access to fresh fruit infused water all day.

Turns out, this fruit infuser bottle keeps the water freshly flavored for 3-7 days (depending on the fruit/herb combinations you choose).

Best part is, if I run out of water at work (which happens often especially on super hot days), I just add more water if necessary!

I’ve also made it a habit to pack extra fruit just in case I want to add more!

For me, prepping and drinking fruit infused water was more than enough to get me adequate amounts of hydration daily!

I do think that part of its success is psychological as well.

Something about prepping fresh fruit for my pretty blue water bottle infuser made me want to drink it more.

Perhaps, just giving more TLC to what we put into our bodies is the answer.

To make sure I have naturally-infused water at the ready, I also make different recipes in mason jars at the beginning of the week, so I have naturally-flavored water available at home.

I always have leftover fruit & herbs from cooking during the week, so making flavored water in bulk is always a good idea!

To help you get started with your new hydration habit here are some of my favorite fruit & herb combinations that I use daily!

[Be sure to use filtered water for best results!]

Fruit-Infused Water Recipes

  • Lavender Cucumber Lemon Flavored Water 

This is my favorite mainly because I’ll add lavender to pretty much anything.

It’s by far my favorite herb!

Not only does the flavor taste yummy, but it has therapeutic properties as well.

I could be at work, sweating in the hot outdoors, and drinking this feels like I’m chilling in a spa by the French country-side.

[Make sure you buy a quality culinary lavender — this one’s a great value!]

[Also, although I don’t mind the loose lavender in my water, some prefer not to drink it that way. If you want to let the lavender infuse in a tea filter bag instead you can find a good option here!]

  • Mango Kiwi Flavored Water

A tropical flavored water combination is always necessary.

I don’t know about you guys, but anything with mango instantly makes me feel like I’m in the Caribbean, lounging on the beach, getting fanned with palm fronds by some exotic man with an accent I can’t understand.

These island-like flavors go extremely well together.

If mango’s not your thing, sub for some pineapple instead!

  • Strawberry Basil Flavored Water

With raspberries being my personal favorite fruit, this is another one I highly recommend.

Out of all the recipes, this one makes me feel the most “FRESH”, if that makes any sense at all.

The flavor’s subtle enough where it isn’t overpowering, but tasty enough to keep you drinking water all day!

  • Peach Blueberry Thyme Flavored Water

This flavor combination is seriously BOMB.

You wouldn’t initially think these flavors would necessarily complement each other, but the thyme adds a subtle dry flavor which combines amazingly with the sweetness of the peach and blueberry.

So there you have it!

I hope these fruit-infused flavored water combinations will help you like they’ve helped me!

What’s great about naturally flavored water, is it’s SO foolproof! You can make an endless amount of fruit/herb combinations and you can’t go wrong.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend utilizing these recipes, but also getting some sort of water infuser that you can take with you on the go! It makes it much easier to choose the healthier option, when it’s always in reach.

Please keep in mind that while these flavors taste DELICIOUS, they aren’t going to taste like any artificial sweeteners out there.

If what you’ve been continuously drinking involves anything artificial, these will likely not satisfy your sweet tooth completely at first, but they will serve as an adequate substitution.

Eventually, the naturally-sweetened water will become your new normal, and you’ll kiss those days of artificially-sweetened beverages goodbye 🙂


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