How To Create Mantras + Positive Daily Affirmations

How To Create Mantras + Positive Daily Affirmations

I can’t remember exactly when I first heard of people using mantras/affirmations to accomplish their goals.

But, I’m pretty sure multiple eyerolls” were involved.

Believe it or not, there was a time (not so long ago) when any practice related to personal growth seemed pretentious and delusional to me.

I just didn’t understand it.

“WHY DON’T PEOPLE JUST CHANGE AND BE HAPPY?!” was a common thought that ran through my head.

What’s funny, is that at that time, I was definitely not what I would consider the “happiest”.

By no means was I unhappy.

Life just kinda…went.

Then, I started going to a few yoga classes here and there. At that time yoga was really just another means of looking better physically.

No intentions for spiritual or personal growth were yet on my radar.

The instructor told the class one day to set an intention for this practice and for the rest of our day.

She then suggested we turn this intention into a mantra or positive affirmation that we can repeat to ourselves during meditation, or in a time of need.

Let me also add that this was around the same time in my life I was starting my running journey. At this point, running was HARD.

There were plenty of times I wasn’t sure I was even capable of getting better.

It was this feeling that led me towards my first intention & affirmation…

“I am capable”.

Why It’s Important

Forming a positive self-talk habit through mantras + affirmations is crucial to being successful in your own health, fitness, and overall wellness journey!

This is because…

  • Every habit that you need to form to live a healthy and fit lifestyle,
    starts with first shaping your MIND — if you don’t begin a new healthy
    routine with a proper mindset, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
  •  You need to change your thoughts before you can change your body –whoever tells you otherwise is looking to give you a quick fix, not an
    everlasting love-affair with healthy living.
  • Once you have a healthy mind, a healthy-looking body will simply be
    a fringe benefit.
  • With a solid positive-thought practice, you can accomplish absolutely
    ANYTHING. (I truly mean this…)
  • This step in your journey is beyond crucial. SO DON’T SKIP IT!

How To Create Mantras + Affirmations

Just to keep things clear, there are slight differences between mantras and affirmations.

A mantra is ONE single word that symbolizes the intention of one’s practice — a more ancient practice.

An affirmation is a phrase or statement meant to promote personal growth and overcome self-imposed limitations — a more modernized self-help tactic.

Now, let’s get to the specifics of creating them, and how they can change your ability to get through any mental barrier you may currently be dealing with.

1) Set An Intention

Now, I know when I first heard this, I was like “WHAAAAT?! IS THERE A RIGHT WAY TO DO THIS?”.

The answer is, NO.

Every intention you set for yourself during a practice should be tailor-made as to what you would like to change in your life to promote your personal growth.

First, you need to ask yourself some questions.

Things to ask yourself would include:

  • What in my life do I want to change?
  • What habits do I want to perfect, that I haven’t yet been able to
  • What kind of person do I want to be?
  • How can I be the best version of myself?
  • Why am I doing this practice?

The answer to these questions will be your intention.


  • Question: What in my life do I want to change?
  • Intention: I want to finally get healthy and take care of my well-being.

These questions are good places to start, but eventually, the questions you ask yourself may be a bit more specific to your person.

It’s about discovering your best self and creating that reality through positive self-talk.

Trust me, it works!

2) Get Creative!

There are specific differences between a mantra and affirmation (which we covered) so the creative process is a bit different as well.

Mantra: Choose a specific word, which symbolizes your intention, that you would feel comfortable repeating to yourself during meditation.

  • Example: If my intention is “I want to be capable of completing a marathon”, my mantra could be “Capable”.
  • Example: If my intention is “I want to stop eating crap and learn to treat my body in a healthy manner”, my mantra could be “Nourish”.

Affirmation: Choose a phrase that pulls you out of the negative self-talk circle you are in.

Really, when I try to think of an affirmation, I brainstorm what I’d want a best friend to tell me over and over until I started believing it.

You’re going to feel like you’re telling yourself positive lies about yourself…until it starts to finally resonate.

This is totally normal and part of the growing process.

  • Example: If my intention is “I want to be able to see the tasks I set for myself through”, my affirmation could be, “I am capable of completing any task I dedicate myself to”.
  • Example: If my intention is “I want to be happier in life”, my affirmation could be, “I am in direct control of my own daily happiness and well-being”.

How To Use Them


This is the “how” that will ultimately have the most lasting impact on your personal growth.

If you can establish a firm meditation habit, the way you see yourself will ENTIRELY change.

That change you’ll see will also come with beneficial side-effects such as mental breakthroughs, increased awareness, and overall better health.

One of the best parts of meditation is that you can completely customize your environment.

You are in complete control to form the best space for your intentions to mentally sink in.

More ways to optimize your meditation practice as a beginner can be found HERE.

I cannot stress this enough…

If you’re serious about utilizing mantras and affirmations as a tool to promote your personal growth to it’s fullest, this is the route you ultimately need to take.

Helpful apps for meditation are: 


This is a simple, quick, and easy way to get those daily reminders of your intentions.

It can also be fun!

I’ll stick mantras/affirmations EVERYWHERE from my car, to my mirror, on my phone, and even the coffee maker in the morning.

Just places where I KNOW I’ll see it.

What’s amazing, is I didn’t realize the positive effect that just seeing an affirmation unexpectedly during my day would be.

Sometimes when you’re just trekking mindlessly through your day, your intentions can get forgotten.

This is a solid way to keep your head in the game!

Writing Them Down

So, this one might make you feel like you’re in grade-school detention, but physically writing down an intention over and over transfers it in an entirely different way to your brain.

It’s not something easily described, but when I write something down on actual paper, it causes me to internalize the words I’m writing down.

Also, the act of concentrating on one single thing makes it easier to fully invest your thoughts.

Even simple meditation can take huge amounts of practice to not get distracted during.

This is a wonderful place to start if you’re prone to getting off track easily!

Saying Them Out Loud!

This is the one I most highly recommend for anything fitness related.

Often when I’m running, and I feel things getting a little on the difficult side, I’ll repeat my favorite go-to phrases out loud.

The act of speaking the mantra/affirmation triggers a sense of power in that moment, which INSANELY helps.

Highly, HIGHLY, recommend this one!

It’s my hope that you really consider incorporating mantras + positive daily affirmations into your routine. 

I promise you, IT WORKS WONDERS!

So just give it a try, no matter how ridiculous you feel. 😊


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