How To Create The Perfect Living Space For A Healthy Lifestyle

How To Create The Perfect Living Space For A Healthy Lifestyle

In our journey towards a healthy lifestyle — whether that includes weight loss, fitness, or healthy eating — success greatly depends on how well we prepare the space we live in daily.

How efficiently we customize our homes for our health journey can ultimately make or break our successes.

In the past, something as simple as chocolate chip cookies (yum) on my kitchen counter had the potential to completely derail my healthy eating plans for the day!

This is due to the fact that I didn’t prepare my living space according to my goals.

I didn’t take the proper precautionary measures for my health!

Taking time to strategize and come up with your own precautionary measures is SO crucial in setting you up for long-term success.

In this article, I want to provide you with some measures that you can take to easily set up your living space for a healthy routine.

Now, let’s get to it!

7 Tips To Create The Perfect Living Space For A Healthy Lifestyle

1) Keep Unhealthy Deal Breakers OUT

Like the example I shared above, some of us have unhealthy deal breakers that will unravel the most stable of healthy habits.

These deal breakers can be a number of things! Some of which you might not even realize are there!

For some, it may be that leftover chocolate cake in the fridge (thereby throwing your healthy eating game out the window), and for others it might be that new binge-worthy show on television (causing you yet again to skip your workout).

No matter how disciplined of a person you are, EVERYONE has a deal breaker.

We all have those sneaky forms of self-sabotage around the house that we can’t resist.

Identify what yours are and keep them away at all costs!

The main problem many people face is that they are too stubborn.

They think they should be capable of saying “NO” to anything under any circumstances.

And if they don’t, they consider themselves weak.

I know because I’m one of these people.

For years I would keep unhealthy food items in the house, and would still always be disappointed in myself when I gave in to them.

I’d think, “What is wrong with me?! Can’t I just make it through the day without a single cookie?!” — and yes, I am referring to the cookies that were sitting right on the kitchen counter. IN PLAIN VIEW. AT ALL TIMES.

Clearly, I wasn’t setting myself up for success…

So, consider setting yourself up for success in your health journey and keeping disastrous, self-sabotaging items out of your living space — or at the very least, out of sight!

2) Keep Weights In Key Places

This sounds like overkill, but I’ve found that keeping weights in key places has made it super easy to get mini-workouts in throughout the day!

For instance, I’ve kept weights in the bathroom so I can do some bicep curls while I’m brushing my teeth (it sounds crazy, I know).

A number of people even benefit from keeping weights near the kitchen, so while they’re waiting for things to cook they sneak in some exercises.

Most notably, keeping weights by your desk to sneak in some reps during your work day can be super beneficial.

There’s no wrong place to sneak in a quick workout!

3) Get The Essentials

Before you’re ready to dive into your new healthy lifestyle at home, there are a number of essentials you’ll want to have in place.

You’ll want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to stick to your healthy routine — especially in the beginning!

These are my favorite essentials I recommend for your living space, that I personally couldn’t live without:

  • A Quality Blender — I use this for literally everything. From my morning matcha, to making lunchtime smoothies, and even blending soups for dinner.
  • Yoga Mat — I use this mat most mornings for a quick yoga or Pilates workout. Be sure to purchase one that’s long-lasting and worth the investment!
  • Spiralizer — This allows for a healthier version of spaghetti when you replace the noodles with squash or zucchini .
  • Measuring Utensils — Always a necessity. Helps me keep track of the amounts I’m eating.
  • Knife Set — You don’t need to break the bank to get a quality knife set, and it’s pretty much impossible to create healthy meals without decent cutlery.
  • Insulated Travel Cup — This is the one I use everyday! I make my power drink right after waking up and keep it with me all morning.
  • Vegetable Steamer — When I first began eating cleaner, I wasn’t a huge fan of getting my veggies in. This made it super easy and gave me no room for excuses.
  • Set Of Hand Weights — Add these in to a quick home workout for your strength training fix. You don’t always need to lift super heavy weights to get results!
  • Essential Oil Diffuser — I turn this on before sleep to relax my mind, or during work to promote concentration (lavender and pine aromas are my favorite!)
  • Slow Cooker — Makes it super easy to cook large quantities of healthy meals!

4) Keep Healthy Snacks In Plain View

Replace the unhealthy items you’re getting rid of with healthier alternatives so you have access to them AT ALL TIMES!

Do you normally wake up in the morning and reach for those Hot Pockets in the freezer without even giving it a second thought?

Place some smoothie bags in there instead!

The idea is to change your routine as little as possible, by switching to healthier alternatives in very subtle ways.

Sometimes small tweaks to your lifestyle have the greatest results.

If the changes feel too overwhelming, you’ll be tempted to revert back to your old choices.

So start small!

5) Have a Meal Planner

Every Sunday, I plan out my meals for the week, write it on my planner, and stick it on my fridge.

While it does serve to keep my meal scheduling in order, it mainly serves as a source of accountability. 

I check off each meal as I go, and it just serves as another simple reminder to cook the healthy dinner I originally planned for!

You can find the planner I recommend HERE!

6) Keep Workout Gear Handy

Whether this means hanging an outfit on your bedroom door, or wearing your running clothes to sleep at night — do whatever it takes!

Just always make sure you have fresh workout gear layed out, your gym bag packed, and all necessities READY TO GO at all times.

You never know when inspiration will hit!

And, even if it doesn’t, at least you’ll be prepared to get it done regardless. 🙂

7) Motivational Wall

Many of you might need to get over yourselves (like I did) and learn to embrace this one.

I’d think, “What is a stupid collage of pictures and quotes going to do for me besides waste my time to make it?“.

Placing pictures that give you inspiration in key areas help remind you why you started your health journey in the first place.

It can also act as a simple reminder of the goals you’re striving for.

If you don’t want an aggressive collage-covered wall in your living space, I get it!

That’s not necessarily my style either.

Opt for making one in a notebook (or planner) instead so you see it everyday.

(If you don’t have a planner, read why you should here!)

I hope these tips will help you create your own version of a healthy living space!

As time goes on, it does require less effort.

Nowadays, I don’t need to take quite so many precautions, but once you develop more self-control + healthy habits, it gets a LOT easier and less complicated over time.

Keep in mind, there are certain precautionary measures that you may personally never be able to live without!

For instance, I know I can’t have ice cream in the house. EVER.  I’ll eat it all in one sitting! No matter how disciplined I am at the time.

What I’m really saying is that in the beginning you’ll have to set a bunch of precautions for you to succeed, but it’s likely that you won’t necessarily need all of these forever in order to stick to your future goals.

Just remain honest with yourself as to what precautions you truly need to be successful! 🙂


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