Matcha Green Tea: The Key Health Benefits + How It Cured My Coffee Addiction

It wasn’t until I got to college, that coffee became essential for me. 

Up till that point, I didn’t even care for it that much. But those all-nighters and crazy demanding hours (‘sup organic chemistry) made it inevitable that I’d pick up a coffee drinking habit.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with a cup of coffee everyday; however, I was having between 5-6 per day.

Even for an overworked college student, that’s a tad excessive.

I found I couldn’t properly function without it. Too long without coffee would actually give me severe headaches. Which would cause me to have cup after cup, just to subside them.

Therein lies a coffee addiction.

What’s crazy is how SO MANY of us actually have a coffee addiction, and don’t even realize it!

With our crazy schedules, it’s become so commonplace to have more than a handful of cups a day.

What I’m really getting to, is that we need to provide ourselves with a healthy alternative.

For me, that alternative is the powdery, green, pixie-dust looking substance that is MATCHA

If you’ve browsed through any health/wellness outlets lately, you’ll notice that matcha has become quite a trendy topic.

…and it’s so surprise why. 

It has a bucket-load of impressive benefits, especially when lined up against harsh competitors such as standard green tea or naturally-sourced coffee.

So, before I fill you in on the best matcha brands to choose from, let’s get a few things straight, shall we? 


What is Matcha Exactly?

Matcha is a finely ground powder harvested in Japan, made from a special batch of green tea leaves.

What makes them special is that they are shade-grown for a few weeks, which allows them to be more nutritionally potent than traditional green tea leaves.

It also increases their chlorophyll content, which gives them that beautiful, bright shade of green!

Due to the shading, they specifically produce higher levels of both caffeine and theanine.

The latter has been reported to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, improve mood, and contribute to one’s mental acuity.

How is Matcha Better Than Coffee?

  • You’ll Process Caffeine Differently

The theanine amino acid that matcha offers large amounts of (specifically L-Theanine) causes your body to process caffeine differently. It allows you to experience the alertness caffeine offers, but more gradually, over time.

This is in contrast to the spike in alertness that coffee causes. Due to this, you’ll experience less “crashes” throughout the day, and maintain a healthy level of alertness for a longer period of time.

While it’s always safer to never become too reliant on ANYTHING with caffeine, I found it’s much easier to drink matcha in healthy amounts. Due to no caffeine spikes I found I crave it less, and therefore have no withdrawals from it.

  • An Impressive List of Antioxidants

It’s stated that 1 cup of matcha has approximately the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of traditional green tea.

Wowza! That’s pretty insane!

When you compare it to other powerhouse foods such as goji berries, dark chocolate, or blueberries….it overwhelmingly comes out on top.

  • Anti-Aging Properties

Now here’s where it gets fun. 

Those impressive amounts of antioxidants we just mentioned directly combat free-radicals in your body.

Free-radicals are pesky little groups of atoms that contribute to cell damage or death.

This cell damage is what causes pre-mature aging and an unhealthy immune system.

By preventing this free-radical build-up not only will it keeps us looking younger and healthier, but it also improves skin health, strengthens one’s immune system, and fights off infections + diseases.

  • Increased Metabolism

Matcha contains a specific component known as EGCG which has been shown to increase one’s metabolic rate.

It’s the most abundant antioxidant found in matcha (or tea in general).

A 2016 study proved that daily doses of EGCG also lowered one’s cholesterol as well.

Now, just because this is a killer antioxidant doesn’t mean you should start ingesting it by the gallons. Like anything else, too much of a good thing can be really, REALLY, bad for you. Excessive intake has the potential to cause cases of liver toxicity in too high of amounts.

So don’t overdo it! 

  • Tastes Amazing 

So first off, I want to be completely honest and admit like A LOT of other things, matcha is somewhat of an acquired taste.

Meaning that when I first tried it, my initial reaction was, “EHHH. This is good, I guess?“.

Some of my favorite food products in the world (coffee, avocados, tea, dark chocolate, etc.) gave me this initial “MEH” reaction.

Don’t be discouraged if it’s not your absolute favorite thing at first.

Really, it could taste like absolute garbage and I’d probably still drink it since it has such amazing benefits, but that’s not the case.

Over time, I had found I think it tastes amazing, and if it’s not your “cup of tea – HA!” at first, then there’s a ton of additions you can add to your matcha to adjust you to it! (vanilla extract, dates, agave, etc.).

  • No Yellow Teeth!

Okay, so this sounds like a silly benefit, but it’s legit, okay?

I didn’t even realize this until I went a solid amount of time drinking less coffee, and incorporating more matcha instead.

All of a sudden, I noticed my teeth were whiter!

Some people can get away with drinking excessive coffee and not having discolored teeth, but if that’s a problem you currently have, you need to jump on this matcha band-wagon STAT.

The Best Matcha Brands 

This is the brand I currently use daily, and I LOVE IT!

I tend to choose my favorite products not only for the taste + quality, but for the integrity of the company as well.

They only provide the highest quality matcha, and the best options they have available are their Ceremonial Matchas.

These types tend to be a tad more expensive, so for my everyday fix I opt for their Organic House Matcha instead.

You really can’t go wrong with either!

While you’ll pay a slightly higher price for this matcha, the quality is definitely the MOST LEGIT.

The company is based right out of Kyoto, Japan, and has providing super high-quality matcha for over 3 CENTURIES.

This is really as good as it gets. 

If you want to reap all the benefits matcha has to offer, I recommend stocking your kitchen with a variety of brands.

But I would most recommend always having at least one super-high quality matcha available to you.

This is the highest-quality matcha I would recommend to keep on hand. 

You can buy this matcha HERE.

This company offers the best quality of ceremonial-grade matcha relative to the price.

You’ll definitely receive higher quality matcha if you purchase the more expensive options; however, to have matcha on hand for daily use (and for first time users!) this is a great option.

It’s cost-friendly and still allows you to reap the health benefits matcha offers!

You can buy this matcha HERE.

To wrap things up…

I hope by reading this article, it gives you that little push you need to start incorporating matcha daily!

I guarantee, if you have moments routinely where you feel sluggish, or if you just often feel unbalanced and “out-of-wack”, daily matcha will do wonders for you.

I can’t wait to hear how it helps you!


Kat Rentas

Founder, Living In Slack Tide



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Always wanted to establish a meal prepping routine, but never knew where to start?

You'll learn the basics + recipes + how meal prepping can save you time AND money!

You'll also join my email family where you'll receive free tips + lessons + resources + weekly content updates!

I sincerely only want to provide content that's relevant to you. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit
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